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Kristin Hadley

Broker Associate 

Kristin Hadley is originally from the western suburbs of Illinois. She relocated to Northwest Indiana and has truly enjoyed all NWI has to offer.


A licensed Esthetician, Kristin had her own Spa business for over 20 years and honed her listening, problem solving, and exceptional customer service skills in her daily activities with clients.


When Kristin sold the first home she owned and then built a new home from the ground up, she realized she really enjoyed the real estate industry. It wasn’t until she rehabbed her parent’s home and worked closely with a realtor from start to finish to sell that home that her passion grew, and she decided to make a career change.


With enthusiasm, understanding, and an informative approach, Kristin helps guide her clients through one of the biggest investments of their lives, striving to make the homebuying experience as stress free as possible. She’s the agent who goes above and beyond for all of her clients, providing a source of calm for them in the process.


In her spare time, Kristin loves to travel, spend time in nature, and enjoys getting involved in her community.