The Nicole Hanson Group is a realtor team that sells real estate in the St John area. We have the pleasure of selling homes for homeowners in St John, IN. Nicole Hanson Group is a real estate team that is widely known to others as a team of agents that specialize in selling homes, and that’s exactly what we do. One of our favorite markets to work in and know best is St John, Indiana. 

Nicole Hanson Group in St John, IN. Represents buyers and sellers in the St John area. We know that buyers and sellers need Great representation too and don’t necessarily know everything involved in buying and selling real estate. This is why we are here 

Here are some things to consider when picking a Realtor in St John:

  • Past homes sold in St John
  • Past clients in St John
  • Clients Experiences
  • Competitive marketing
  • Client References 
  • Proven Analytics

For The Nicole Hanson Group in St John call your local Real Estate Agent today at (219) 588-5281. Let us help you buy/sell your home.